Training Programmes

The following training programmes, facilitated by the Care Ministry, are offered to the Care Ministry Volunteer Care-Givers as well as interested organisations and external role players.

Basic HIV/AIDS education

This 4-hour workshop covers the basic issues of HIV including modes of transmission and methods of prevention.

Christian Response to HIV/AIDS

This 2-hour workshop was devised in response to the need for volunteers to take the space to examine issues of faith within the reality of HIV. It addresses questions such as “Where is God in this pandemic?” This course does not propose a series of answers but rather seeks to offer a safe space for Volunteer’s to process their thoughts and feelings before working within the community.

Basic Caring Skills Training

This 20-hour course offers training in effective communication skills such as listening,
empathy and reflection, covers personal growth, dealing with death and dying, evaluations and endings.

Participants that completed the Care Skills Training course

Participants that completed the Care Skills Training course

Psycho-Social Support for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

This is a three-day training course that covers many aspects of caring for the emotional, social and physical well being of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Participants that completed the OVC Training.

Participants that completed the OVC Training.

Theory and Practice of Advanced HIV/AIDS counselling

This 9 session course covers the following topics; Refresher listening skills, advanced HIV/AIDS education, Voluntary Counselling and Testing, Disclosure and Adherence Counselling.

Strategic Planning

The purpose of this 4-hour workshop is to assist the volunteer caregivers to effectively plan the caring work carried out within their communities. This course is also facilitated for other organisations to assist them in planning community projects.

Home Based Care (facilitated externally)

Most of the Care Ministry volunteers also receive training in home based care. This training covers the practical issues of caring for sick patients within their homes including bed baths, wound care and other medical issues.

This training has been facilitated for the volunteers by St John’s Ambulance who offer a 5 day training course. Some of the volunteers have received a 60 day accredited training programme facilitated by CATHCA (The Catholic Health Care Association of South Africa).

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