Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

Children in our community need care and assistance. (Photograph by Daniel Boshoff)

Volunteers are trained to provide care and support to orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) within their communities.

Training includes Childhood Development and Coping with Sickness and Bereavement.

Aspects of training include:

- Childhood development
- Needs, rights and responsibilities of children
- Communication and listening skills
- Coping with sickness and bereavement
- Childhood abuse
- Basic healthcare
- Nutrition and grants (social welfare)
- Dealing with stress and burnout

Many volunteers are actively assisting OVC in the communities and helping to access schooling, documentation and grants where necessary and are providing Support Groups for Guardians and Carers of OVC


The Care Ministry currently has 15 volunteers actively teaching children within their communities. To date approximately 200 children have benefited from this programme.

Training includes Basic Healthcare.

In 2006 the Care Ministry recognised a need within many under resourced communities to teach children about basic health and hygiene. In response to this need the Care Ministry launched its day care centre programme.

The purpose of this programme was to train volunteers with the skills necessary to teach young children about such issues as washing hands, eating healthily, not playing in rubbish and being a super safe kid.

Child health care volunteers 2012

Child health care volunteers 2012

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